How the Indian Government Is Using the Kuduwave Portable Audiometer to Take Healthcare Further

Learn how the Indian government has been using the Kuduwave portable audiometer to provide hearing healthcare to citizens living in remote villages.

It’s easy to see why the Indian government has chosen to tap into the power of the revolutionary, telemedicine-enabled Kuduwave portable audiometer. Highly portable, fully boothless, extremely accurate and affordable, this clinically validated device (hand-picked by NASA for use aboard the ISS), has assisted the country in better serving the hearing healthcare needs of Indian citizens living in rural villages and other remote locations.

As these villages or taluks are long distances away from major centres, providing quality healthcare for the residents is a big challenge for India’s government. eMoyo’s Kuduwave has proven itself as a perfect solution to this predicament.

The portable audiometer makes it possible for audiologists in India to remotely oversee the testing process and diagnose patients from a centralised location at district level, while suitably trained clinicians physically conduct hearing tests on-site and in person in villages.

The Kuduwave portable audiometer is also ideal for use in outreach missions or at mass health screening events, where healthcare services are taken to citizens living in very remote areas, rather than citizens having to travel long distances with high travel costs to meet their healthcare needs.

In this article, we take a look at how the Kuduwave is being used in India’s National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness, as well as how the portable audiometer successfully helped to screen more than 800 people during a recent world-record-breaking health camp in Karnataka.

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Kuduwave Portable Audiometer Used for National Programme in India’s Karnataka State

India’s National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD) is tasked with the early identification, diagnosis and treatment of ear problems responsible for hearing loss and deafness. The programme mainly focuses on addressing the hearing healthcare needs of newborns to children aged 14 years of age.

The Indian government has allocated every state in the country a budget for running the NPPCD programme, yet in certain states, such as Karnataka with its many remote taluks, the use of audiometric sound booths have proved prohibitively expensive. Logistically, testing the hearing of people in these remote villages using traditional audiometric equipment (such as the stationary sound booth) has also proved to be extremely complicated.

Being telemedicine enabled, the highly portable Kuduwave audiometer has proved to be the perfect solution to this predicament. At present, trained clinicians in Karnataka’s remote villages are operating the Kuduwave devices, with audiologists at district level overseeing the hearing tests, as well as diagnosing patients.

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Kuduwave Assists in Screening 2000 People At Health Camp in India’s Remote Karnataka State

Over the course of one weekend in May 2022, a free two-day health camp arranged by the Dr K Sudhakar Foundation screened close to 2000 people, making it the largest health camp of its kind in the world (and setting a world record in the process!).

In total, 1500 doctors, 1500 nurses, 1000 laboratory technicians and paramedical personnel attended the health camp, with 22 private hospitals, 13 private laboratories, 18 medical colleges, eight super-specialty hospitals, 15 eye hospitals, and 10 dental colleges participating.

At this health camp, Indian citizens living in remote Karnataka state villages could access free medical consultations, testing and diagnosis, as well as treatment for any medical conditions identified at the health camp.

Kuduwave Portable Audiometer Used to Test 800-plus People in Two Days

Present at this health screening event was the Kuduwave portable audiometer. Twelve of the 39 devices were previously supplied to the government of Karnataka by Hearing Healthcare Clinic (the Ganganagar-based company initially awarded the tender to supply Kuduwaves to the government of Karnataka for use in its NPPCD programme).

“Each of the 12 Kuduwave Pro portable audiometers was handled by an audiologist, an audiometric technician and an instructor. Together they tested about 860 people over the course of those two days,” says Sai Prasad, CEO of Hearing Healthcare Clinic.

“Chikkaballapur district has hundreds of villages, but not even one medical college. After attending this health camp, villagers now have an awareness of where to go should they need medical treatment. And healthcare professionals present at the camp are now aware of the Kuduwave portable audiometer; how accurate, user-friendly and portable it is, and, importantly, that it can be used remotely.”

Both government and non-government organisations participated in the health camp, totalling more than 100 healthcare institutions from across the south of Karnataka.

“At the health camp, there was a bus that was converted into a mobile soundbooth. It cost a fortune to kit out with sound equipment, not to mention the fuel expenses, bus drivers, just so many associated costs,” says Sai.

“Waiting to be tested, villagers directed to the bus for their hearing tests were getting agitated. It was extremely hot, and the lines were long. They wanted to be tested in the comfortable room with a Kuduwave instead!”

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